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As social media becomes more mainstream for consumers, market researchers are incorporating more social tools into their broader research practices. Sparta Focus is a technology platform that allows you to leverage the beauty of online technology and social tools in an engaging environment for your customers, clients and employees and provide deep insight about your product or service.

Our Clients are often surprised by the quality of actionable insights they receive from their Sparta Focus network. When participants feel comfortable, valued and believe their voices are being heard, their activity levels increase and the quality of their feedback provides real value. And with all the activity occurring in a private network, closed from public view, our Clients can be assured all commentary will remain confidential.

And often you'll find the participants develop strong affinities with the brand and with other like-minded people, finding they shared many interests and traits with one another - facilitated by their common bond of the product. By choosing Sparta, you always have the option to easily migrate your participants to a custom, public network, scalable to millions of users when your market research ends.

Sparta enabled us to reduce our market research initiative from six months to six weeks using a robust and flexible platform.
We couldn't be more pleased.

Jeff Hunter - General Mills Consumer Insights Director