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Idea Center

Let participants offer random ideas about improving a product or new products they want. Then the community can vote on their favorites and push them to the top. Our clients often find unexpected actionable items for product development.

Comprehensive Reporting

You can be confident that any report you need is available in the system. Track detailed usage and participant statistics as well as analyze community comments and interactions for insights.

Annotation System

Our advanced notation system allows you to highlight any content in the community and add your own comments to it. This makes writing your report at the end of the study dramatically easier. And you can allow multiple staff members to highlight content too, so you can see when a comment was highlighted and by whom.

Client Observers

Invite people from around your company to observe what is going on in your community. They will have their own special role as an "observer", and will be allowed to view what is going on, but not interact in the live study.

Participant Dashboard

A simple, elegant dashboard provides the perfect starting point for both participants and observers and contains all the key information needed for the day.

Task List

With so much happening in a community, it’s sometimes difficult to separate your important topics from the rest. To help with that, members are given a to-do list.